Watts For Trees Projects

Here at SOLeenic we believe education and conservation are critical elements
in creating a world where people live in clean communities that are sustainable
and livable. This vision can only come to reality with the support of people and
organizations that have the same philosophy and ideals as our company. With
that said, SOLeenic will partner up with Canopy to help bring this vision to life.

Canopy is an organization based out of Palo Alto that has a mission to educate,
inspire, and to protect local urban forests. Combining both of our companies’
ideals, we will start a project program called Watts for Trees where our company
will pledge to donate one tree per kilowatt. For a long-term goal, we pledge
to donate a million trees to the community. Through donating trees for clean
energy, our goal is to increase community involvement by adding more trees in
parks and schools and by educating the community, schools will be able to teach
children the importance of taking care of our earth and sustaining it available
resources. Working alongside organizations that strive for a cleaner world, we
can make a difference in providing clean energy one community at a time.

Trees provide:

  • Shade
  • Lower carbon Foot Print
  • Lower Green House Emissions
  • More oxygen
  • More Beautiful Places For Children to play

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