O&M Services

Operations & Maintenance

Grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems need to have in place operations and maintenance (O&M) These practices are designed to minimize plant downtime, prompt greater output, and cost effectively with faster investment returns.

Photovoltaic power plants are not maintenance free; they require a regimen of continual monitoring, periodic inspection, scheduled preventive maintenance, and service calls. These actions address unplanned outages, repair and restart, and various O&M activities needed to enhance long term uptime, per¬formance, and economic viability.

Soleenic Inc understand the need of PV O&M and offers our clients the expertise necessary to third parties and utility companies to be better equipped to drive continuous improvement efforts and integrate PV as a more robust grid resource.

Our O&M team of clean energy professionals with over 20 years of experience on system design, development, installation with an extensive solar and wind field experience on complex ground and roof mount projects around the world. Such experience have given us the capabilities to assess, detect, and ultimately repair possible system issues before they become a problem and could impact project cost.