Leasing & PPA Financing

Leasing & PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) Financing Option

SOLeenic Inc will provide  you with options when it comes to financing your  solar and wind  system, through our associations with the best global and local U.S financial institutions and partners. We will assist you  through the process of  finding a solar or wind system  loan or PPA that’s right for your business. 

PPA benefits:

  • No upfront cost
  • Create sound credentials for project financing and system design
  • Maximize return on investment for investors and shareholders
  • Save in-house team time
  • Make the best choices

Solar and wind system  leases and PPAs make it achievable for you to switch to clean energy for $0 or little down and a small monthly payment. Your fixed monthly rate is typically lower than what you currently pay for electricity, so you start saving right away. Plus, you will receive  insurance coverage, a power generation guarantee and other benefits from the provider.

A $0 down solar or wind system lease or PPA option may be a better investment for your organization than a cash purchase. By eliminating the upfront payment, you’ll save money every month on electricity bills, and will be cash-flow positive from day one.