Energy Lighting Retrofit










Energy savings

Lighting retrofits can greatly reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills,
while maintaining lighting levels and quality by upgrading lighting components
to more efficient and advanced technologies. Upgrading technologies can also
offer employees greater control over lighting, allowing for additional energy savings.

Improved lighting quality

Lighting retrofits can improve lighting quality by targeting problem areas with
specific design considerations to overcome common lighting issues.
Newer technologies also add increased reliability to the lighting system, so fewer
short-term lighting-quality issues should arise. These newer technologies often
have better lighting-quality characteristics, such as improved color, reduced flicker,
greater light output, etc.

Reduced maintenance and labor costs

Improvements in lighting technologies have led to increased lifetimes for components
that will result in fewer failures and lengthen the time between maintenance activities.
The implementation of a routine maintenance program in addition to your lighting
retrofit will greatly simplify your maintenance practices and reduce the operational
costs associated with maintaining your lighting systems.


A facility-wide lighting system analysis will be conducted by our team of energy retrofit specialists.
During the analysis, we will take into consideration the following:

• Fixture location
• Fixture quantities
• Lamp & Ballast types
• Ceiling Height
• Current Average Energy Rate
• Available Utility Company Rebates/Incentives

The data collected from the physical analysis is then calculated through our system.

Retrofit Analysis and Design:

During the project analysis and design, many key elements must be considered including current
facility’s lighting area conditions, payback analysis etc. Our projects are designed on a
fixture by fixture, area-by-area basis to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Presentation of Proposal

Our proposal addresses the specific needs and requests of our clients. They all receive all of
the detail necessary to make an informed purchase decision. During the presentation, we walk
our customers through all of the information prepared in the proposal. Our detail proposal will
show the amount of projected energy savings based on the data collected from the facility, and
will show in detail a return on investment for the retrofit.

Retrofit Installation

Soleenic Inc. will schedule a time and date that fits the customer’s operation schedule. Our
goal is to minimize any “down-time” to the client’s operation. The project installation can be
arrange either to be perform at Night or weekend at no additional cost.

Retrofit Warranty

The warranty will cover all issues as related to the installed components. Some components
carry different warranty lengths, including, lamps, and fixtures. In warranty issues, We will
identify the problem, and supply the parts as necessary. If there are large numbers of parts,
We will bring the manufacturer to assist in recognize the problem, and see that the agreed
upon warranties are kept.